An Angle

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 Algebra is defined as the branch of mathematics to answer the real life problems with the assist of numbers which are used as letters and alphabets. Algebra which contain the numbers or sets of specified members is used to symbolize the quantities and familiar mathematical relations .Algebra can denoted the real numbers, complex numbers, matrices, vectors etc. .Algebra gives the connotation of numerals ,operation on numbers and possessions of numbers. In the algebra we have learnt the important algebraic concepts which it is known as equation, these equation balanced by variables.




  • An angle is a outline formed by two influence with the similar opening point.
  •  The two influence forming an angle are called the arms of the angle and general opening point is called the vertex of the angle.

Acute angle:

acute angle

  • Any angle whose measure is less than 900 is called an acute angle. 300, 600, 700,..etc are all acute angles.

Obtuse angle:

Obtuse angle

  • Any angle whose measure is greater than 900 is called an Obtuse angle. 1200, 1350, 1400,…etc are all obtuse angles

Straight angle:

Straight angle

  • An angle whose measure is 1800 is called  Straight angles.

Reflex angle:

Reflex angle

  •  An angle whose measure is more than 1800but less than 3600 is called a reflex angles.

Complementary angle:

Complementary angle

  •  If the sum of two angles  is 90 0  then they are called Complementary angles.

        300, 600 are Complementary angles .

Supplementary angle:

Supplementary angle

  • If the sum of two angles is 360 then they  are called Supplementary angles.

       1200, 600 are Supplementary angle




   Squares are the regular quadrilateral and  has four equal sides and four equal angles. The angles of squares are equal to 90 degrees.




Formula for the square :

     Area of a square = a2 unit, where a = side length

     Perimeter of a square = 4a