Find Volume of Circle

In geometry, Circle is a two dimensional shape.  All point in boundary of the circle has the constant distance from the volume of circle center. The reserve from the center and any point in the boundary is known radius of the circle. Here we need to find te volume of the circle. So it should be a sphere. The sphere is a  three dimensional solid. For example earth is a sphere. 

sphere volume

Let us learn about finding volume of circle(sphere)


Finding geometry circle formulas:-


Basic formulas:-

Area of the circle = π r2

Volume of sphere =4/3`pi`r3

Top view of sphere is look like a circle

Circumference of the circle = 2πr or 2π (d/2).

r - Radius of the circle

The below formula area use to find the diameter of circle:-

If radius given:-

Diameter (d) =2r

If circumference given:-

Diameter (d) = C/π

C – Circumference of the circle.

`pi` =3.14

If area given:-

Diameter =square root ((4A) / π)

A – Area of the circle.



finding volume of circle problems:-


1. The radius(r) of a sphere is 2.5 inches. Find the Volume of sphere?

Given: r = 3.5inches

Volume of sphere=4/3`pi` r3

π=3.14, r = 3.5 inches

Volume of sphere =4/3 x 3.14 x (2.5)3

= 65.4166667

Volume of circle = 65.4166667inches

2. The radius(r) of a sphere is 8 inches. Find the Volume of sphere?

Given: r= 12inches,

Volume of sphere =4/3`pi` r3


=4/3 x 3.14 x (8)3

=2 143.57333

Volume of sphere = 2 143.57333inches

3. The diameter of the circle is 8 cm. find the Volume of sphere?


Diameter (d) =8cm

Radius(r) =d/2=8/2=4cm

Volume of sphere=4/3`pi` r3


=4/3 x 3.14 x (4)3

= 267.946667

Volume of sphere = 267.946667cm2


4. The area of the circle is 50 cm2. Find the Volume of circle?


Area of circle = 50 cm2

Here, the area of circle is given. From that diameter can be calculated by using the formula,

Diameter =square root ((4A) / π)

A – Area of the circle.

=square root ((4 * 50) / π)

=square root (200/ π)

=square root (63.6942675)

Diameter (d) = 7.98086884cm

Radius(r) =d/2

= 7.98086884/2

= 3.99043442cm2

Volume of circle =4/3`pi` r3

=4/3 x 3.14 x (7.98086884)3

=2 128.23169

Volume of circle =2 128.23169cm2