Learning 3 Dimensional Shapes

   Three dimensional shapes contain 3-dimensions which has length, width and depth. Prism contains a constant cross section while pyramids contain slanting sides that meet at a point.

        Some 3D shapes can be not closed out and outspread into a plane surface such as cubes, pyramids. The outspread shape is known as net of the solid.

        The below figure shows cube with 3-dimensional representation.



Some of the Shapes and 3-D representation:



      A 3-dimensional prisms, it contains a constant cross section. The cross section at both trimmings of the solid are the same shape and wherever we cut parallel to these trimming gives the similar shape too.



       A pyramid contains slanting sides that meet at a point.



     It is shows the shape of lou role.


     From the above learning we can understand the 3-D representation of some shapes.


Net shape:


     The below figure shows net shape of cube:


Getting nets right:

      A net is capable to fold up into 3D shape.


      From above learning we can understand how to use net shape.


3 dimensional shapes:3-D with 1-D surface:



      Helix is curve in 3-dimensional space and following equation defines helix parameterization in Cartesian coordinates. That is,




      As the parameter t improve the value, point (x(t),y(t),z(t)) find right-handed helix of pitch  2pi and radius 1 about z-axis, in right-handed coordinate system.

      From, above learning we can understand 3-dimensional with 1-dimensional surface.


3 dimensional shapes:3-D with 2-D surface:



      The volume V of conic solid is one of the products of the area A of base and height h. It is defined as,

                       V= (1/3)Ah

      The middle of mass of a conic solid of identical density lies one-quarter of way beginning the middle of mass of base to the vertex, on direct line joining the two.

      From, above learning we can understand 3 Dimensional with 2 Dimensional surface.

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Properties of 3-D shapes:



     It has no flat faces, no straight edges. It contains only one curved face.


     It has one curved face and one flat face. Its flat surface is circle.


     It has 6 flat square surfaces and 12 straight edges and 8 corners.


     It has one curved surface and 2 flat circular surfaces.


     It has 6 flat surfaces and all the surfaces are rectangle and it has 12 straight edges and 8 corners.

     From, above learning we can understand properties of 3-dimensional shapes.