Learning Center Of Rotation

The learning center of rotation is called as rotate the any one object. The hands of a clock rotate in only One way rotate the direction, about a fixed point or center point, the centre of the clock-face. Rotation, like association of the hands of a clock, is called learning center of rotation.There are two way of  learning center of rotation are available is a clockwise rotation; otherwise it is said to be anticlockwise.

Concepts of center of rotation:


         The learning center of rotation turns an object is a about a fixed point. This fixed point is the learning  centre of rotation. The angle of rotating through rotation is called the angle of rotation. A full turn, means a rotation of 360° The degree measure of the angle of rotation for

       (i)                 a half-turn

       (ii)                (ii) a quarter-turn

 A half-turn means learning center of rotation by 180°; a quarter-turn is rotation by 90°


Examples for learning center of rotation:


Let us see the example to understand the learning center of rotation.

Example 1:


         The learning center of rotation is a square with P as one of its object.

         Let us complete square-turns about the centre of the square marked. The initial position iequal to x. Rotation by 90° about the centre leads to position of P. Rotate again through 90° and get four  quarter-turns, the square reaches its original position. Now get the same square object in the angle is called centre rotation.


        The square has a centre of rotational about its centre.

                The case of centre of rotation in this case:

                 1) The centre of rotation P is the centre of the square.

                 2) The angle of rotation is 90°.

                 3) The direction of rotation is clockwise.

Example 2:


           The rotate it by 90° about the fixed point rotated in anti clockwise, the windmill will rotate exactly the same. The windmill has a centre of rotation. In a full turn, there are exactly four positions (on rotation through the angles 90°, 180°, 270° and 360°). When the windmill centre of rotate exactly the same.