Solve Online Geometric Angles

Introduction to angles:

   Angle is union of two different rays having the same initial point is called as angle. Thease two rays are called as the arms or the sides of the angle.When the  two rays are meeting at the same point is called as vertex of the angle.We can use to denote the angles in three capital letters. More types of angles are available in the geometric basics.Angles are classified based on the inclination. We can measure the angle using  Protractor

Measurement of Angles:


  • Protractor is mainly used for measuring the angle measurement
  • An angle is measured in units called degrees (0).
  • For example if the measure of angle ABC is 320.
  • You can write the statement in two ways:
  • Words: The measure of ABC is 320
  • Symbols: ABC = 320
  • A protractor has an inner and outer scale. When you measure an angle, check to

       See which scale to use.



Solving types of angles:


  • Acute angle:

 when the angle of measurement is < 90 degrees is called an acute angle. 

  • Right angle:

Right angle is also called as vertical angle. The angle of 90 degree object is called right angle.

  • Obtuse angle:

The angle whose measure is > 90 degrees and < 180     degrees is called obtuse angle.

  • Straight angle :

Straight angle is also called as horizontal angle.Angle is 180 degree

  • Reflex angle:

when the measurement of angle is >180 degrees and less than 360 degrees that is called reflex

  • Adjacent angles:

Angle with a common vertex and one common side is adjacent.

  • Supplementary angles:

 Two angles whose measures add to 180 degrees


Solving Alternative angles in geometric


  •  Alternate exterior angles:

 An exterior  angle is usually measured  the angle between the any  one side of a triangle and the extension of an adjacent side of the triangle .

  •  Corresponding angles:

 When two lines are crossed by  the another line the angles in matching  the corners such angles are called  as the corresponding angles. 

  •     Reflex angle:

 it is also used  to measure the angle >180o and < the 360o is called a reflex angle

  •  Complete angle:

 the total angle is 360 which angle covers the total value is called a complete angle.

  • Equal angle:

  if the Two angles are said to be equal, then they are called as the equal angle

  • Adjacent angle:

  which Two angles having a common vertex and a common arm, such angles are called as adjacent angle .