Solving Drawing Triangles

Introduction to solving drawing triangles:

          A triangle is a polygon. Triangle has three sides and three vertices. A triangle has three angles. The three angles are always added to 180°. Triangles are classified into many ways. Triangles are classified based on the angle and length of sides of the triangle Solving drawing triangle mean nothing but how to draw the triangle according to our given measurement. We can drawing the triangle based on the angle and side length of the triangle.

Types of triangle:

  1. Right triangle
  2. Obtuse triangle
  3.  Acute triangle
  4.  Scalene triangle
  5. Isosceles triangle
  6. Equilateral. Triangle


Basic concepts on solving drawing triangles:


 concepts for solving triangle:

Find the area of triangle:

   Area = 1/2 b*h      b= base h=height      

Find the perimeter of triangle:

  Perimeter = a + b + c

Concepts for drawing the triangles:

Example for solving drawing right triangle:

Step i:

Using scale ruler to draw the given appropriate length of line segment.(8cm)

Step ii:

After draw the line segment using protractor measure the 90 Degree of angle at end of the line segment.(90 degree)

Step iii:

Measure the angle of vertex, Draw the new line segment on the 90 degree angle of line.(5cm)

Step iv:

And then connect the first line segment  one end with another line segment end,now we got the right triangle.




Example on solving drawing triangles:


solving drawing triangles:

Draw the triangle using the following measurement?

A person can drive a car at 8km distance from his home and term upto 60 degree and move towards 5km and again he turned and reaches the starting point. Make the triangle for given dada?


Procedure for solving drawing triangle according th our given data:

(1)First we have to draw a horizontal line length of 8km

step 1: draw horizontal line

(2)Using the protractor mark the angle of 60 degree angle on the horizontal line or end of the horizontal line.

step 2: Make angle of 60 degree

(3)using compass draw an arc at 5km on the angle of 60 degree line and name this as z.

step 3:mark the length 5km

(4)Joint the starting point and the point z.

Step 4: joint make triangle