High School Standard Test

Introduction to high school standard test:-

                               High school standard test deals with quantitative questions and English skills. high school standard test is conducted for 3 hrs and 45 minutes. It consists of three parts; they are i) serious reasoning ii) Math ability. Math section of high school standard test questions deal with quantitative questions and logical reasoning questions. Math questions are given with several choices. Students should Practice math problems to get good scores in high school standard test.


High school standard test Problems:-


High school standard test Problem1:-

There are 220 balls, 3 times as many are brown, and the rest is black. How many are green and how many are black colors?


There are 4 times as many brown balls as there is black color,

Hence, there must be 3 brown for each 1 of black color.

Given that 3 + 1 = 4,


220/4 = 55

On solving this we get, 55 sets of balls with 3 greens and one of black color in each set.

The total is then,

55 * 3 = 165 green and 55 of black color

Answer Check:-

Number of green balls = 165 balls

Remaining black balls = 55

Total balls = 165 + 55

= 220 balls.

High school standard test Problem2:-

Mani drives from his house to hills 120 miles away, and at the end of the day drives home. If Mani drives at a standard speed of 40 miles per hour, how long does Mani takes to drive the round trip?


Here Mani takes 120 miles to reach the destination,

The total distance covered by Mani during the round trip = 120 + 120

= 240 miles

Mani drives at an average of 40 miles per hour.

Using the formula

Distance = speed x time

240 = 40 x X

Divide 40 on both sides,

240/40 = 40X/40

6 = X

Mani takes 6 hrs to complete the round trip.

Answer is 6 hrs.


High school standard test practice problems:-


High school standard test practice problem1:-

In a class of 68 students 31 are taking Tamil, 12 are taking English and 8 students are taking both Tamil and English. How many students are not enrolled in any of the course?

A) 10

B) 15

C) 24

D) 34

Answer:- A

High school standard test practice problem2:-

Six years ago rani was X times as old as raji was. If rani is now 22 years old, how old is raji now in terms of X?

A) 13/X + 6

B) 10/X + 6

C) 16X

D) 19/X

Answer:- A