Learn Solve Arithmetic Problems

Introduction learn solve arithmetic problems:

              Learn solve arithmetic is the basic concepts in mathematics. It was mainly used for solve mathematical function of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Learn solve arithmetic the main operations in mathematics. Learn solve arithmetic operations are made under not only in integers, it is also deal with some numerical computations, like real numbers and complex numbers. The learn solve arithmetic operations are as follows,

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division.


Application of learn solve arithmetic problems addition and Subtraction:


  •  It was mainly used to solve word problems.

  • Also used for rational numbers odd and even numbers irrational numbers 

Subtraction of learn solve arithmetic problems:

      Subtraction is the one of the basic arithmetic operation. Reduce the 2 or more numbers is known as Subtraction.  The symbol of subtraction is -. Subtraction problems decrease the values.

 The subtraction is done by the following way,

          C = a – b


 c is difference.

 a is called as minuend value.

 b is called as subtrahend value.

Ex :      5 – 3 = 2

Subtraction in decimal:




Application of learn solve arithmetic problems Multiplication and Division:


Multiplication learn solve arithmetic problems:

            Multiplication is the scaling of two numbers. The symbol of multiplication is *. Multiplication also performed by repetition of addition. The terms often used for multiplication are “times”.

Ex :    3 times 4 means 3 multiply with 4.

            3 * 4 = 12

The other method of multiplication repeated addition,

   3 times 4 = 12

    4 + 4 + 4 = 12

Rational multiplication:      ( 3/4 ) * ( 8/6 ) = 1

                                                 =  6/6

                                                 =  1 

Division:     Division is the reverse of multiplication operation. The sign of division is ‘ / ‘. The main purpose of division is minimizing the value and it is also repeated subtraction.

 Form of division method,

              a / b = c


 a is called as dividend.

 b is called as divisor.

 c is called as quotient.

Ex :           12 / 3 = 4.