What Is A Data Collection Process

  • Data collection is a term used to describe a process of preparing and collecting data - for example as part of a process improvement or similar project.
  • The purpose of data collection is to obtain information to keep on record, to make decisions about important issues, to pass information on to others.
  • In general, data is collected to provide information regarding a specific topic.

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Types of data collections process:


For learning data collection process, it is necessary to know  the two main types of data collections.They are:

                1) Primary data collection

                2) Secondary data collection

 Primary data collection process:

                The data’s which are collected for the first time and those, which are original in character, is refer as primary data. There are several methods exists for primary data collections.Collections of primary data are obtained by either personal communication through interviews or by personal observation.

Secondary data collection process:

                The data’s that is already collect by some other person who undergone statistical processes are refer as secondary data. The secondary data’s may be published or unpublished.Learning secondary data's definition is very important. Sometimes, the data may be unsuitable. Therefore, it is necessary to handle those data’s carefully during the researches.

Methods of data collection process:


Data collection by interviews:

              The data’s can be collected by means of personal interviews or even by means of telephonic interviews.

Data collection by Observation:

              In this method of learning data collections, data’s collected by means of observation.

              The observer can collect the data or he can collect the data by personally visiting the field.

Questionnaire method:

              This is one of the popular methods of data collections. During enquiries, this method is mainly used.

Schedule method:

             For solving social problems, these methods of data collections are considered as an important one.

Data collection by case study:

            The researchers can collect the data’s by taking one or more units for special study.

Data collections by Survey method:

           The data’s are collect by means of undertaking surveys. This method is the most commonly used method for the collection of data’s.