Add and Subtract Fractions Calculator

Add and subtract calculator which is used for finding the addition and subtraction for various value of a fraction. Calculator is a process of calculating fractions with different values.In general fraction contains two parts numerator and denominator. the upper part is the numerator and lower part is a denominator which depends upon the this two parts. there are types of fractions such as proper,improper fraction and mixed fraction.

Rules for Add and Subtract on Fractions Calculator:

First choose the operations in the column shown(add,subtract,multiply and divide)
then,fraction #1 enter the fraction value and in the fraction#2 then press the calculate
We get final result in column below the calculate.
For the next operation press reset and follow the steps.

Fraction shown above will be the calculator for the fraction addition and subtraction steps in the calculator will be explained below.
Addition on fractions:

For adding same denominator fractions just add all the numerator and keep same denominator.

For addition with different denominators fraction:

Find the l.c.m. for all the denominators given .
Change into equivalent fraction with the same LCM denominator
By taking  the LCM common in  the denominator and add all the numerators.

Subtraction on fractions :

For  subtract same denominator fractions subtracting  all numerator and keep same denominator.

For subtraction with different  denominator:

Finding  l.c.m. for all the denominators given.
Change equivalent fraction with same l.c.m denominator and then subtract

Problems for Add and Subtract Calculator:
Example 1:
Add   `1/4 and 2/4`

here we have the same denominator so, just add the numerator keep the denominator same.
`1/4` +`2/4` = `(1+2) /4`


Example 2:
Add  `4/5 ` and `1/3`

Solution :
The LCM of 5 and 3 is 15.
Therefore`,4/5+1/3` = `(4xx3)/(5xx3)+(1xx5)/(3xx5) `



Example 3:
Add `2 4/5` and `3 5/6`

The given fraction is a mixed fraction first change into proper fraction and add
` 2 4/5 +3 5/6=(2xx5)+4/5+(3xx6)+5/6=14/5+23/6`

so, the denominator is different LCM of 5,6 =30

=`84/30 +115/30`


Example 4:
Subtract  `3/5 -1/5`

here, same denominator just subtract numerator and keep denominator is same.

` 3/5-1/5` =`(3-1)/5`
Example 5:
subtract `4 2/5-2 1/5`

Solution :
The given fraction is a mixed fraction first change into proper fraction and subtract
`(4xx5)+1/5 -(2xx5)+1/5`

so, `21/5 -11/5 `



Example 6:
Subtract ` 3/4`   from ` 5/6`

Solution :
We need to find equivalent fractions of `3/4` and `5/6` , which have the same denominator.
This denominator is given by the LCM of 4 and 6. The required LCM is 12.

Therefore, `5/6-3/4` =`(5xx2)/(6xx2)-(3xx3)/(4xx3)`