What is Decimal or what are Decimals- When we think about decimal, we think about a dot. This dot is called a decimal point, as it separates parts of a whole number, from the fractional number.
The decimal point basically signifies and as a way to separate these two different kinds of numbers. Fraction parts are found in the right of the decimal point, and whole numbers are found in the left. For example, if we want to write 4 units and 12 decimal will look like this  4.12 we can read this as four point one two or four and twelve one hundredths.
Learning Decimals - The decimal system is based on preceding powers of ten. This means that’s a series of number where each number is ten times bigger or smaller than the last. If we move to the left of the decimal point each position is ten times bigger.
If we move to the right, each position is ten times smaller. We encounter the decimals in day today life in money, distance, time. We usually take tens and hundredths place value.
How to do Decimals - Let us take an example of adding numbers with decimals, if we have 7.056 + 605.7 + 5.67
For adding any number, make sure that we lined up in a column in the same place especially if you are dealing with decimals, just line up the decimals.
After lining up all the numbers let us add it, 618.426. Let us divide decimals, 0.25 divided by 1.03075. First thing we do it the divisor, is to multiply by ten enough times so that it becomes a whole number. Every time we multiply by ten the decimal point shifts towards the right side.
In this case once and twice, so 0.25 times the hundred. We do it with divisor, same we do with dividend.  We have to multiply the 1.03075 twice with ten. And it will result in 103.075. thus 25 is divided by 103.075.this way it becomes easy to divide .so 25 can be divided by 103.075 as 25 times 4 is 100, 4 times a quarter is a this way 103 minus 100 is 3 remaining, bring down the 0 it becomes 30.
Thus 25 go 1 time and here we can easily put decimals back between 4 and 1. So it will be 4.1 in fact solving the division the result would turn to 4.123.
The Decimals Chart tells you about number with decimal at different places.