Concept of Whole Numbers

                                Concept of Whole Numbers
We have a huge classification of numbers and the most profound type is always Whole Number. These Number(s) is/are the number(s) which are complete. They are definite and give the meaning without any confusion, since it’s always a problem to identify and understand the decimal numbers it is always an advantage if one has a whole No. in hand. If it’s a single number we call it as the whole no. and if there are many numbers we call it as whole nos.
The answer for what is a whole number will be any number which is complete by itself and has no continuity with decimal digits in it. A best example of this will be a person’s age; he/she is 21 years old. One can never tell his/her age as 21.5 or 21.3, which is a decimal number, and can only mention it as a whole, so there comes the concept of these number. It is simple to learn from examples, so to answer what are whole numbers an example of number of pairs of shoes can be considered in a shop. Suppose if the shopkeeper checks the stock of pairs of shoes for a year his data will be 22, 25, 33, 44, 11, 99, 77, 33, 12, 43, 21, and 54; so when there is more than one number in the series we call it as whole numbers.
All through we were giving examples to understand the concept behind, but it’s always essential to know the Whole Numbers Definition and it goes like any number starting from zero to infinity in the positive axis; example 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ….
As of now we are clear with the concepts, so it’s time to apply them in the real life situations. Let’s think that one works in a tea shop and the nature of his job is to just count the number of tea that people are consuming in their shop so that the owner can devise a plan to improve the sales of the company and the person is asked to report during the end of every week. The report he will be giving is something like the below:
Monday – 55 cups
Tuesday – 44 cups
Wednesday – 66 cups
Thursday – 53 cups
Friday – 76 cups
Saturday – 32 cups
Sunday – 30 cups.
The data above will help the owner to understand the sales pattern and helps him devise a strategy.