Gk Questions for Kids

gk questions for kids

Introduction to gk questions for kids:

                   Gk is expansion of General knowledge.Usually Knowledge is defined as how a person or kids have more skills and information’s about particular subject.General Knowledge is nothing but theoretical or practical knowledge about the subjects other words familiar understanding of a subject. Gk question are mainly used for quiz programs and person testing interviews, questions are mainly used for testing the student skills and experience about that subject.

Gk Questions for Kids

(1).How many sides are available for square -------------


(b) Two

(c) Four

(d) Six

(2)Angle of circle was-----------

 (a) 90 degree

  (b) 75 degree

  (c) 180 degree

(d) 360 degree

(3) Square root of 49 is-------------

  (a) 8

   (b) 9

   (c) 12

   (d)  7

 (4)   Polygon have six side mean it called as----------

(a)   Polygon

(b)   Hexagon

(c)    Pentagon

(d)   None of these

(5)Half of the sphere is called as ---------

 (a) sphere


 (c)Hemi sphere


 (6)Find the area of square which side length is 4cm







(7) Strightangle mean

(a)160 degree


(c)360 degree

(d)180 degree

(8) Addition of 789+232





(9) 48/12+35-9--------





(10)one meter---------cm

(a)1000 meter




Gk Test Questions for Kids

(1)Multiplication of 12*12+5

(a )24+5






(2) Who is called the “Father of geometry”?

(  a)  Newton

 (b) Euclidian and  Greek

 ( c) Einstein  

 (d) Bohr

(3) Who is the “Father of math”?

   ( a) Archimedes 

   (d)Euclid, a Greek

(4)Which one is four Equal sides of shape--------

(a) Triangle




(5) Total angle angle of triangle is---------

(a) 360 degree


(c)75 degree

(d)180 degree

(6) find the value:  45-65





(7)find the value(- 42/2)





(8) One chocolate is 5rs find the cost of three chocolate cost






(a) 100mg




(10)find the value of 12.34+34.12+12.12