Government Growth Rate

   Government Growth Rate is the change in a population in the different time, and can be quantified as the change in the number of people of any species in a population using "per unit time" for measurement. In mathematics, the term population growth is likely to refer to any known population, and this article deals mostly with the application of the term to human populations in demography.(Source: Wikipedia)

Instruction for Government Growth Rate


              Government Growth Rate is mainly used to calculate the amount of population growth in the particular period and also in the specified area of place by the government. These Government growth rate help the companies to find where there is more population and they decide where to locate their company’s office. Government growth rate calculation has many steps and also there are formulas to calculate the population growth.

  • First we have to choose the place that where we need to develop a Government growth rate. It may be an entire state or a country or a particular small region of the state.

  • Find out the year for which we need to find the government growth rate of population. This shows the population growth from one year to another or we can find where there is an increase or decrease in population for the particular region.

  • Note down the population in the starting of the particular year and also during the end of the year. If we need to find the population for different sex, we have to see the population of both male and female during the starting and end of the particular year.

  • Above are the observations that we have to do before starting the population growth calculation. Now we substitute all the data in the following formula for the government growth rate calculation.

Government Growth Rate



Example Problems for Government Growth Rate


Problem: The population in New York during the starting period of 2000 was 589,545 according to U.S. government record. During the end of 2004, it was 669,990. Calculate the growth rate in percentage for the given year.


              Population at Beginning of Period = 589,545

              Population at end of period = 669,990

              Government Growth Rate

              Growth Rate = `(669990 - 589545)/(589545)` x 100

              Growth Rate = 13.64%