Learning Understanding Histogram

Introduction to learning understanding histograms:

Learning a histogram is most engaged in to diagram and a distribution of values or results from a set of particular observation from given chart. Learn plotting a histogram diagram that has respect they are related to the motion of particular curve in to describe the series of given data.

Histogram is a point of expression that denotes the points in X and Y-axis even these points are represents in the form of diagram that we known as a bar diagram.


learning understanding histograms of horizontal y- axis and y- axis:


learning understanding histograms Horizontal Y-Axis:

The straight line (Y-axis) is the level of a histogram that shows the number of time value within any time of the quantity. The number of times is also referred to as "frequency”. That frequency represents the peak of the specified data and their frequency different and may be same on some data in their interval.

learning understanding histograms Horizontal X-Axis:

The X-axis which is horizontal in location shows the scale value which is given for the frequency level or the variations for the given particular data. For example, when particular number of workers got salary from a particular interval of amount, then the variation in amount is placed in the x-axis which is horizontal. X-axis shows the interval variation for the given data set.


sample problem for learning understanding histograms:


This data represents the house that has sold number of home in the year that has shown in tabular representation. Draw the histogram for that data.


Year                         Numbers of house sold


2000 - 2001                            1

2001 - 2002                            2

2002 - 2003                            3

2003 - 2004                            4

2004 - 2005                            3

2005 - 2006                            2

2006 - 2007                             1


The Horizontal X axis considered as years. And the vertical Y axis is denoted as house sold in the particular year.